Multi level marketing

Multi-level marketing is usually my first red flag for any skin care products.  My second red flag is when I look at its ingredients and it contains an ingredient that is poison.  Yes, I’m talking about “Neruim.”  Please don’t listen to the hype.  Yes, it does “plump up” the wrinkles.  But that’s because the oleander (poison) causes inflammation, so that over time it’s really just accelerating aging!  Just like any other inflammation--like sun damage or free radicals—they are the largest cause of premature aging.  So is it an instant gratification for your skin?  Okay, maybe!  But I, for one, am in for the long haul.  I want to age gracefully, not look like shoe leather in a few years.  I look for ingredients that calm and have plenty of antioxidants.  I want the skin to be “happy” with the correct Ph and not become inflamed.
Another red flag . . . a class-action lawsuit: